Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tomkat: New Wolverine fan

Tomkat has decided to move back to the Bay Area from Michigan where he went to find the peace and quiet of Middle America. He bulletined in MySpace that if anyone knew of any job, let him know. Coutrywide is hiring, so eventhough the one other person I recommended for this crazy job has, in some ways, regretted her decision, it could work out.

so I wrote Tomkat today:

"So I talked to my boss, told him about you, and he
said he'd like to talk.

First thing I told him is that you were in Ann Arbor,
and his eyes lit up. "Is he a Michigan fan!!?!" Jeff
is a huge Wolverine fan. He's got commemeratative
programs displayed in his office and a life size Tom
Brady (former Michigan Wolverine quarterback)
cardboard cut-out on one wall. He's got other Tom
Brady memorabelia (sp?) on the walls. Walking into
his office is like walking into an 11 year-old's

So if you come in for interview, look at the cut out,
say, "Tom Brady! Alllright!" and the job is yours.

Oh, and I told him you MOVED to ann Arbor to attend
more Wolverine games. Just fake it.


Monday, September 25, 2006

My mom on TV

Greetings! how do I make links in blogger again? Click here to see my mom on TV!
href what?

I dunno.. if you can't click above just cut and paste into your browser

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


For the last 12 days, I've been searching for the right way to re-start this blog. I've done some very hurtful things to people I love during that time, and as a chronicle of my life, if I were to offer any public explanation for my actions, it should be done here. At the same time, these current affairs are so personal, they aren't something I feel I should webcast.

I did what I did entirely for selfish reasons. Perhaps that goes without saying. I ended my marriage, and because of the way I did it, I have probably ended friendships that we shared with other people. My future is very uncertain at this moment, which is both exciting and terrifying. I made this choice because I want to improve myself as a person and despite slipping back into some old bad habits that I used to have, from here on out, the path I'm on will be the path of my choosing (see my August 18th posting "Meaning of Life").

It's time to concentrate on work. Time to build a new life in a new place. I'm starting over once again.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Best and Worst Day of the Year

I'm no expert on the Gospels, but I know that Jesus was reported at one point to have said something like, "Never Boast. Those who boast are eventually humbled."

Was I ever humbled today.

Thr irony. I got paid today for the loans I closed in July. A lot of things fell into place in July and I ended up with my best month ever, finishing in the top ten in the nation amongst the 400 or so people nationwide who hold the same position as I within Countrywide. I wasn't shy about telling my referring partners about my success either. I figured it would be a good marketing tool; they'd be more likely to give me business if they knew I am a to producer. All this last month, I've felt on top of the world knowing a big paycheck was coming at the end of the month.

Today was also my last day to fund loans for my September 30th pay. During the last week, I lost over a million dollars in loans for one reason or another, but if everything went right today, I'd still end up with a good month. I spent the day frantically working the phones, doing everything in my power to finish things up. It worked too. I got what I needed to close the two deals I needed to finish up with today. On both loans, however, the borrowers I had been working with for weeks all of a sudden disclosed that they didn't have the funds they had expected for the down payment. Things fell through for them, and its gonna take a little longer to get the funds together. For me that meant that in one day, I got biggest paycheck of my entire life and learned that next month's check will have no bonus, turning the 60 hours a week I work into less than minimum wage.

To say its been an emotional roller coaster would be putting it lightly.