Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tour d'Joko: Lord of the Rings Edition

I’ve made a remarkable discovery! I’ve found that anything and everything can be made more exciting when put into the context of a Quest. Imagine your daily commute to the office as an epic struggle to reach the Kingdom of Workplace. Picking up the kids from soccer practice as a search for Lost Children of Futbol.

Of course, this epic-ification of activities works really well with things like my ongoing series of video blogs, my travels known as the “Tour d’Joko”.

For yesterday’s Tour d’Joko, I had a series of objectives, interesting places I wanted to see. The last of them was the “Flaming Geyser”, which kind of sounds like something you’d find in Mordor, Middle Earth. So the rest of the adventure became Lord of The Ringsified too.

I captured a LOT of video in yesterday’s journey, so I’m presenting it in three parts.

First stop, Building 92 of Saruman!

Yes, this Tour d’Joko was proceeding like so many before it. I was having fun, but something happens at the end that keeps me from reaching my destination.

And yes, I really did ask the nice receptionist lady at Microsoft, “I am sorry, I do not speak Orcish, but I’m looking for Saruman?”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wow... Five Years Later, and I've recovered my Blogger account!

Five years and two days have passed since I last posted a blog on this account. I went to MySpace and blogged there for many years. Ended up a couple dozen short of 1,000 blogs posted. When their format started to really suck, I moved over to a place called I've got a couple hundred blogs posted their. I liked their WordPress platform. Lots of others tried FriendBurst, got tired of it and moved on. I still have hopes for that little social network, but the blogging community over there is really starting to thin out.

Are there blogging communities on Blogger? Can we subscribe to one another? Is anyone out there? I'm sure this place, where I started by blogging hobby, has changed a lot in the five years.