Monday, April 30, 2012

Mirrors in the Rain

One of the favorite things I made in my video making history was the Mirrors In The Rain series. It started out rather innocuously. I had made an acquaintance in the owner of my local music store. Back in 2007, I bought my first ukulele from this guy. We talked about making music, life and all kinds of things. One thing about his guy, Sam Bartelle is his name, is that he had achieved his life goal. He had written, produced and published his own Opera. It’s called “Mirrors in the Rain”, and I got a free copy of the CD with my second purchase at the Countrywood Music Store. One lunchtime, I challenged myself to record, edit and upload a new YouTube video during my hour away work. I lip synced one of the tracks from Mirrors in the Rain. After this innocent fun, I made one of my very first videos with this new thing I had discovered, the greenscreen and chromokeying. Mirrors in the Rain - Part Two! Five years ago tonight, I was looking for my next epic video project. I sent out an e-mail to everyone in my office. I worked as a mortgage loan officer at the time. I had one simple question: Who are your favorite singers? See, at the time on YouTube, lip syncing was very popular. Unknown people “sang” the songs of famous musicians. Why not turn it around? Let’s have famous singers, as represented by the favorites sent to me in the office, sing the work of an unknown, the Walnut Creek Opera, Mirrors in the Rain. This video was SO epic, it required TWO “Making of” videos. I think these are better than any if the actual vids, Enjoy!

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